Altice Portugal increases prices from February

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Portuguese consumers will start to see the costs of their internet and phone services go up from February next year.

Altice Portugal says it will put up prices for all its customers except those who only have fixed voice and pensioners with MEO retiree packages are excluded from these price increases.
“We will be updating Meo prices from February 2023 when we know the actual Consumer Prices Index” said the CEO of Altice Portugal, Ana Figueiredo this week.
Customers who only have fixed voice currently number 100,000.
Price updates (in line with inflation) “are set out in the contracts with our customers” and will be adjusted against the rate of inflation to a minimum value of 50 cents.
“As the inflation rate had been very low, last year we updated our tariffs by just 50 cents”, said Ana Figueiredo.
The Government foresees an inflation rate of 7.4% for this year. This means that in the residential consumer segment, if the 7.4% rate were applied, this would mean an average MEO mobile service with 5G would go up by €1 per month or €12 per annum.
For those with residential M3 packages (TV+NET+VOICE) this would be €2 per month or €24 per annum. But an M4 package (TV+MOBILE+NET+VOICE) will add an extra €4 to the monthly bill or €48 per annum.
“We were already dealing with an inflationary component before the War in Ukraine which has got worse. Meanwhile, we’ve been dealing with supply chain disruptions, for example microchips, impacting our sector, as well as raw materials which impact the equipment we install in the premises and homes of our customers”.