Portugal’s public debt at €273.8Bn

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Portugal’s public debt fell to €273.8Bn in October, down €6.1Bn on September, reflecting the paying down of treasury guilts according to the Bank of Portugal.

After a peak of almost €279.9Bn registered in September, the debt fell in November while responsibilities in deposits increased by €600 million as a result of issuances of government savings bonds certificates (around €1.4Bn), these offset by amortisations of treasury gilts. (at least €700 million)

According to the central bank, the net public administration debt increased to €254.2Bn in October, up €3.7Bn on September. Overall, public administration debt has fallen by €9.7Bn.
The Bank of Portugal releases the ratio of public debt to GDP on a quarterly basis. In the third quarter Portugal’s public debt fell to 120.5% of GDP and the amount of Portugal’s total public debt will be released in February next year.