House prices up 10.1% in Lisbon

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The price of houses increased 10.1% in Lisbon and 17.4% in the third quarter of 2022 like-for-like on 2021.

Regarding quarterly variations, house prices enjoyed growth of 2.1% in Lisbon and 1.7% in Porto according to statistics from the Residential Price Index compiled by Confidencial Imobiliário released on 13 December.
In Lisbon this percentage represents a stabilisation in prices since the previous quarter which had been at 10%, while Porto experienced a slowdown in comparison to the previous quarter when the like-for-like variation stood at 19.6%.
In relation to the quarterly variation, house prices saw growth of 2.1% in Lisbon and 1.7% in Porto.
Lisbon has continued to be the city with the most expensive house prices in the Lisbon Metropolitan Area with an average sale price of €4,265/m2 for the quarter, with the average transaction in the LMA 35% below this value (2,753 euros/m2).
In Porto, house transactions in Q3 saw an average price of €3,001/m2, while the average in the Porto Metropolitan Area was €2,087/m1, a value 30% below the regional capital.