Efacec, Novobanco, VIC and TAP on M&A list for 2023

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The Portuguese public transportation and electrical systems company Efacec, the US asset management company-owned Novobanco, real estate company VIC, and Portuguese publicly owned airline look set to be the subject of acquisitions or mergers in 2023.

According to Jornal Económico, the first in line could be the publicly owned systems company Efacec which currently has four national interested parties and three foreign groups in the running to buy a controlling 71.73% share in the company.
Portugal’s Minister of the Economy, António Costa e Silva believes that the sale will be agreed this month or next.
According to a communiqué sent by Parpública (the umbrella entity that holds Portuguese public companies) on 6 December, there had at that time been six companies interested, although it was announced by António Costa e Silva that one interested party had withdrawn.
The Portuguese companies in the running are: Sodecia, Mota-Engil, Carpin and Efaflu. The overseas companies are US fund Oaktree, German fund Mutares (specialises in distressed assets), the UK fund Enoda and an Asian fund Chint.