Portuguese companies don’t have talent to meet ESG strategies

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Most Portuguese companies simply do not have the talent or know-how to develop an Environmental, Social and Governance strategy. (ESG)

According to the study ‘The Search for ESG Talent’ from the ManPowerGroup which quizzed 40,700 companies in 41 countries and regions, in Portugal more than eight out of 10 organisations (82%) have already identified and developed their ESG strategy or plan to do so.
However, 91% of these companies do not have the necessary talent to meet ESG goals according to the study.
The Search for ESG Talent’ concluded that 45% of Portuguese companies intend to recruit new professionals. On the other hand, 41% plan to up-skill their current staff and 24% will add new ESG responsibilities to those their teams currently have, with 23% saying they will seek advice from outside consultants on the matter.
Regarding the recruitment areas, governance was referred to by 38% of national companies, environment by 35% and social impact by 33%.

Image: ManPowerGroup