Investor buys 655,000 shares in Greenvolt

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The entrepreneur Paulo Fernandes, one of the most influential and powerful businessmen in Portugal, has reinforced his position in the Portuguese renewables energy firm Greenvolt by buying 655,000 shares, bringing his shareholding to 10%.

The CEO of Cofina (a media company), Vice-President of Altri (a cellulose pulp, forest management and bio-fuel company) and Executive Director at Ramada (a special steels distributor) was already a non-executive director at Greenvolt – a company floated on the Lisbon stock market in 2014 and now has over €560 million in capitalisation. Fernandes purchased the shares between January 23 and 25, increasing his share from 9.53% to 10%.
The purchase of the shares was made via the company Actium Capital at which Paulo Fernandes is the main shareholder and director. The total investment in the company led by João Manso Neto was €5.27 million.