Pepco expands to Portugal

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The Polish retail brand Pepco, which is similar in its product lines and quality to Primark, is to open in Portugal.

The chain, which has 4,000 shops spread over 18 European countries, will open its first store in Coimbra in May. A further 30 shops will be opened in towns and cities such as Albufeira, Olhão, Elvas, Lisbon and Porto, staffed by over 300 staff taken on over the year.
Listed on the Warsaw stock market, it operates around one-third of its 4,000 stores in Poland, with the rest in Spain, Czech Republic, Hungary and Italy where it is considered a rival to both Ikea because it sells household items, and Primark.
The news was advanced by Jorge Barrie Ruiz, the group’s operations manager on the Iberian Peninsula quoted by Jornal de Negócios.
He said that the group had planned to open stores in Porto, Lisbon and the Algarve last year, but had postponed the openings until 2023.
Its extensive catalogue includes clothing, toiletries, and cosmetics, some food products, and goods for pets. Rather like Premark, Pepco does not sell online.