IPBN Sustainability Conference 2023 – Energy Efficiency solutions, Smart Cities, Tech, and more!

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The 4th edition of the Irish-Portuguese Business Network ‘Sustainability Conference will focus on Energy Efficiency solutions while simultaneously exploring the importance of ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) within the corporate environment, thanks to a roster of guest speakers, panelists, and case study presenters from within the IPBN’s network of partners and members.

Special Guest speakers from Coimbra and Matosinhos will detail how these Smart Cities are setting the tone for the future through their efforts in mobility and sustainability and their intelligent use of resources across the board to ensure mid-sized cities in both Portugal have the tools to make a difference moving forward.
To begin, H.E. Ralph Victory, Ambassador of Ireland to Portugal will open the conference in presence of one of the Irish Government Ministers (to be confirmed closer to the date) as in each previous edition. The first of the panel discussions will then share their Energy Efficiency Solutions with special guests Margarida Correia Pires, Head of Business Development/New Downstream at EDP, Claudia Coelho, Partner at PwC Portugal, and Declan Wynne, MD, Founder of IPBN Executive Partner Skanstec Engineering.
Next, IPBN member Florijn de Graaf, Founder SmartHoods will present the perspective of Eco Villages in Portugal, that supply their own energy, food, and water. Eduardo Pereira from ClearEnergy PT will then start with the first case study from some of our members and tell us about the Hydrogen adaptation in Portugal.
As sustainability applies to companies, smart operations in ESG practices translating sustainability into business can be beneficial for the bottom line, especially when coupled with the use of smart technological innovation. IPBN members will present what strategies their companies have put into practice and how that has affected their respective businesses.
But before, the IPBN will hold a panel conversation about Smart Cities, moderated by Susan Cabeceiras, IPBN Board Member and Founder of IPBN Executive Partner and Sponsor of the conference, Konceptness, with keynote speakers Miguel Fonseca, Economic City Councillor from the Câmara Municipal of Coimbra, another representative still to be confirmed from the Câmara Municipal of Matosinhos, and Finnbar Howell, Technical Director at IPBN member company KRA Renewables, focusing on projects in Smart Buildings and Energy Master Planning to name a few. KRA is from Ireland, so Finnbar’s perspective will give attendees the Irish point of view on the matter. Konceptness is also no stranger to aiding and implementing Smart Cities through its specialised attention to the creation and urbanisation of economic activities of retail buildings, health services, and industry with sights set squarely on sustainability and safety within a Portuguese context.
Next, Raquel Noboa, Founder & CEO of Fifty Shades Greener, a sponsor of the Sustainability Conference, will present the second case study about preparing the future talent for the Green Jobs of tomorrow. Fifty Shades Greener delivers people and planet-first business culture through its unique training delivery model as the company and its founders believe that training is the foundation of all cultural change. To this end, they go on to help organisations take big and fast cultural changes in hopes of achieving net zero ambitions.
Then, there will be a conversation between software developer Mario Gago, IPBN Board Member and founder of Pink Room and Stefan Goor, Co-founder and Group CIO of Ardanis and IPBN Executive Partner, on the importance of technology in building a greener, more sustainable world both inside and outside the office.
This presentation will be followed by the third and final case study from Mike Rumble, IPBN member and CEO Algarve Solar Pool Heating Solutions. Mike will talk about the Solar energy potential in the Algarve region and the need for investment.
Finally, the conference will conclude with a conversation between Carolina Almeida Cruz Co-Founder of C-More! Beyond the Obvious alongside Krystyna Rawicz, MD, Managing Director at IPBN Member company KRA Visionary Project Partners about ESG and profitability will then follow, tapping into the recent research highlighted by the Banco do Portugal.
Aside from presenters at the conference, the IPBN will welcome the Ambassador of Ireland to Portugal, a Minister of the Irish Government and its Executive Partners The Portugal News, Skanstec, Ardanis, Konceptness (Sponsor of the conference), and PwC Portugal. As is customary, the event will take place on St. Patrick’s Day, Friday, March 17 from 9h to 13h at the Chamber of Commerce & Industry of Portugal (CCIP) in Lisbon and time will be built into the program for networking coffee breaks where members and guests can further the discussion.
Registration for the conference can be made here where details will be found and the exact location.
The conference is open to members and non-members and is free of charge. For more information about the conference and sponsorship packages, please contact Arnold Delville, IPBN General Manager at [email protected].