How to get into the Portuguese business market

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Just like every other country, Portugal has suffered from rising inflation, affecting not only average citizens, but almost every business as well. But even though times are tough, it doesn’t mean that it is impossible to succeed in the Portuguese business market – it just means that there are certain things you must take into consideration before starting your business. Read this article to gain a deeper insight into the Portuguese business market and what to contemplate before jumping in. 

Portuguese business prospects of 2023

First and foremost, before venturing into the business market of Portugal, make sure to do your research on the business prospects of 2023 – since this information is important to take into consideration when you’re brainstorming potential business ideas.
Portugal is known to be amongst the top 25 countries when it comes to doing business, primarily due to high demand as well as how simple and fast the process of creating a business is there. So, what are the prospects of doing business in Portugal in 2023? It’s still difficult to say for certain. However, even though our country has experienced a lot of trouble during these past months due to inflation, high levels of tourism have helped Portugal regain a sense of economic stability, at least for now.
In 2022, Portugal had reasons to be optimistic, as the country enjoyed the highest rate of growth out of all the EU countries. However, since inflation began to bite, businesses are facing many challenges, and it’s still too soon to confidentially say what’s going to happen. That said, the prognosis isn’t great right now. Thus, perhaps the best way to get into the Portuguese market is to hold your breath and wait to see what happens and make sure to find the right time to expand or start up.
If you do want to dip your toes in the business market just a little, then consider going into an E-commerce business for starters; you can easily find tips and tricks for this specific kind of business by checking out, which will explain everything you need to know about starting a business online and how to get it up and running.

Which businesses are in high demand?

If you don’t feel like waiting around for the “right moment” to dive into the Portuguese business market, then you should at least do some research about what businesses are in high demand in Portugal. It varies a lot, depending on what perspective you look at. If you want to know which businesses are most popular amongst investors, it’s most definitely the tourism industry, as Portugal relies heavily on tourists. In the first seven months of 2022, 8.1 million foreign visitors visited Portugal, which was a lot less than before the pandemic, which stood at around 17.28 million foreign visitors.
However, another business that is also very popular in Portugal is cross-border trading, as the country also relies on the import and exports of these trades. So, if you want to start a business in Portugal, you must discover what businesses are doing well and what businesses aren’t. Furthermore, you also must take into consideration that people in Portugal are struggling financially, which is why people might be more inclined to reconsider what they want to pay to save money. Therefore, in order for your business to survive, you must find a product or service that people will want to pay for and set it at a reasonable price that works for you and your customers.