Medway in €45M train investment

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Medway, the rail freight transport company that specialises in goods transport and logistics across the Iberian peninsula, is to invest €45 million in eight new locomotives to expand its activity in the French market.

The Lisbon-based logistic company is the largest private rail freight operator on the Iberian peninsula. The new locomotives are designed to be able to cross the Pyrenees Mountains between Iberia and France.
The investment in the trains will come from the Spanish Recovery and Resilience Plan. The investment will made on eight new locomotives and 350 freight cars which will enable the company to expand its activity to France by 2025.
Medway is also currently renovating its 1900 series locomotives to make these locomotives — very important for the history of rail freight transport in Portugal – into more efficient, comfortable and safer locomotives, ensuring maximum productivity.
Medway – Transporte & Logística was created in 2009 from the company that had been CP Carta S.A. It is wholly held by MSC Rail, a subsidiary of the Swiss international giant Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC).
It is also the largest rail freight operator in Portugal, holding a 90% market share against its competitor Takargo. The company employs around 700.