Portugal issues 550 digital visas

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Portugal has issued “around 550 digital nomad visas” working remotely from Portugal since the end of October when the new type of visa came into force.

ECO Online reports that the applicants who go for the new visa tend to be in IT and people in liberal professions citing information released from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MNE).
“Since the creation of this new type of visa, around 550 visas for remote workers (digital nomads) have been issued to March 10, 2023, mainly to IT and liberal activities professionals”, states the MNE source.
The top nationalities that have applied are US, UK and Brazilian citizens who want to stay in Portugal temporarily or seek authorisation for residency.
The new visa, which came into force with changes to the Foreigners Law, allows non-EU citizens to work for entities overseas from Portugal, while living in the country for a period of one year.
After this period, should they wish to continue living and working in Portugal, remote workers must apply for a authorisation for residency which can be for a period of up to five years.
Before the creation of the Digital Nomads Visa, many workers came to live and work in Portugal on the back of the D7 visa, a visa that according to the law only covers citizens with passive incomes (pensions, for example), but in practice has also been used by salaried professionals and those who could prove that they had sufficient incomes to support themselves without being a burden on the State, meaning they have enough income (active or passive) to pay their rent, utilities and subsistence, and any other financial responsibilities to the Portuguese State.