Texas investors interested in Portugal

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Portugal’s trade and investment organisation AICEP has paid a visit to Texas to showcase Portugal to US investors who might want to consider relocating, investing or setting up a business reports Revista Port.Com.

“We’ve had meetings with investors who are very interested in Portugal, not just for what it has to offer, but also because Portugal is a launch pad for business into Europe and the Portuguese-speaking countries said the Secretary of State for Internationalisation, Bernardo Ivo Cruz who was on a visit to Houston after having visited the Austin branch of AICEP.
“Portuguese companies also have good opportunities in Texas which would be the ninth largest economy in the world if it were independent” he added.
Ivo Cruz and AICEP members took part for the first time the large creative industry event South by Southwest. (SXSW) which ran between March 10-19 in Austin.
An essential destination for global professionals, the annual March event features sessions, music and comedy showcases, film screenings, exhibitions, professional development, and a variety of networking opportunities.
“The goal was to make connections with different sectors in Texas that might be of interest to Portuguese companies, Portugal and the Portuguese e economy and vice versa”, he said.
“The contacts that we made are very interesting and worthwhile, particularly in the areas of IT, cinema and TV”, he said.
Bernardo Ivo Cruz said that with meetings with Texas State and Houston officials Portugal had been identified as having “good research and investigation, technology, and know-how in renewable energies.”
Renewable energy is also an area where joint synergies can be created. “EDP Renováveis is a great example of a Portuguese company fulfilling a very important role in Texas”, said the secretary of State. “If we are interested in natural gas in Texas, Texas is very interested in our renewable fuels”, he added.
In Houston he visited Rice University and the Texas Medical Centre, as well as having meetings with technology companies and at departments of NASA.
“There is a perception that Portugal is an integrated ally in NATO while the US can work comfortably in highly important areas like defence and space”, he said.
On the other hand, “Portugal is a modern country looking to the future, with good institutions and universities, with good opportunities to identify and explore” said the secretary of State for Internationalisation, Berardo Ivo Cruz.

Photo of Houston: Adrian N – Unsplash