PM promises more housing for students and regulation of LA

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Prime Minister António Costa said on Tuesday that the regulation of Local Accommodation (LA) was essential and said that sums from the Recovery and Resilience Plan (RRP) “would enable the Government to double the number of houses available for students in higher education” by 2026.

It comes after the Mayor of Lisbon inaugurated a students residence in the city that costs students up to a staggering €1,096 per month.
The Mayor had said: “We are working daily to increase housing offer” in a post on Twitter on March 17, referring to the new students hall of residence at Campo Pequeno. ( a project from the UK fund Round Hill Capital)
However, those who saw the price of the rooms would have been shocked. The cheapest were €695 and €705 a month, and the highest were €1,096 per month. Moreover, interested parties have to put down a deposit of €800.
The Prime Minister had been talking after a meeting with the Coordinating Council of Higher Polytechnic Institutes (FNAEESP) at the Palácio Foz in Lisbon.
In his speech, the Prime Minister said he was “in no doubt” that much of the housing destined for student accommodation was “channelled to other types of accommodation” which was “certainly more lucrative”, but created pressure and a great imbalance in accessing student accommodation.”
“This is why it is fundamental that we regulate this growth in Local Accommodation and also guarantee that there is more student accommodation, and along with the investment we are making, there should be access to another type of housing for our students”, he added.
The Prime Minister admitted that access to student accommodation was currently “the greatest barrier to accessing higher education” and said that “a huge effort” was being made and that the country “had to be successful” in tackling the problem.
“The sums that presently come from the RRP and are reinforced with funds from the State Budget will be added to and used to respond to the increase in costs, namely in construction materials, and will permit the number of beds available in higher education to be doubled, and increased by 70% in polytechnics by the end of 2026,” he said.

Image: CML Mayor of Lisbon Carlos Moedas unveiling new students residence at Campo Pequeno, Lisbon.