Golden Visa investment doubled

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Investment through Portugal’s Golden Visa programme more than doubled in March to €78.4 million and increased 42% in the second quarter according to Lusa basing its calculations on data from the immigration office SEF.

In March, the amount netted via the Authorisation for Residency through Investment (ARI) that reached a 10-year milestone in October 2022, grew 126.5% like-for-like on 2022 (€34.6 million), to €78.4 million. The increase was 42% on February when the total investment was €55.2 million.
A total of 163 Golden Visas were issued in March, of which 119 were from property acquisition (70 for urban rehabilitation) and 44 from capital transfer. No Golden Visas were issued from the job creation option.
The amount generated from property acquisition totalled €57.2 million of which €23.7 million was for urban rehabilitation according to SEF. Visas issued in return for capital transfer stood at €21.2 million in March.