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The Portuguese Hotel, Hospitality and Tourism Association (APHORT) has become a member of HOTREC, the confederation that represents the voice of the hotel sector, restaurants and tourism sector in Europe with 47 associations in 36 countries.

The membership was made formal at APHORT’s last general assembly meeting that took place in April. Since then, APHORT is the only Portuguese association in the sector to represent the interests of Portuguese business in the sector on the European stage.
Portugal’s return to HOTREC after a long absence of 10 years has been viewed by APHORT as an “urgent necessity” when taking into account that today most of the legislation that covers hotels and restaurant activity is debated and decided in European institutions.
“It is inconceivable to us that Portuguese companies should be merely relegated as bystanders receiving instructions from Brussels on a series of directives that will impact the day-to-day business and accepting them lying down and without an alternative” says Rodrigo Pinto de Barros, president of APHORT.
Until now Portugal was the only European Union country to not be a member of HOTREC and at a time when the tourism sector in Portugal faces important post-pandemic challenges including inflation, higher interest rates and food costs, but also a lack of human resources as well as the many challenges posed by digital transition and sustainability.
European sector associations are focused on joining the debate on finding alternative ways and solutions to these challenges. “We can’t be left on the sidelines without running the risk of continuing to lose touch with the reality”.
“It is really important that we follow the discussions and challenges up close and once again have a place at the table to have our say in building the future of our sector,” he said.