Tecnoveritas nets €6M contract

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The Portuguese engineering, technology and energy efficiency company Tecnoveritas which is currently refurbishing cruise ships for the French luxury cruise ship operator Ponant, has won a €6 million contract.

The company, which specialises in the shipping sector, has signed the €6 million refit contract to modernise four of its ships. The refit and environmental improvement project involves an estimated investment of around €1.5 million per ship.
Compagnie du Ponant chose 100% Portuguese technology to change the sustainability metrics on its four Boreal class ships and with the modernisation of two of the ships having been completed last week, work has now started on the third ship.
“On carrying out the updated environmental improvements on the ships, we are giving them a new lease of life and therefore they will no longer be limited to the ports of call they can make because of pollution emissions because they are greener and more sustainable, so can dock at other places which until now had been off limits such as the Norwegian Fiords”, says the CEO of Tecnoveritas, Jorge Antunes.
For the project the company is using a customised Selective Catalytic Reactor (SCR) system solution developed by Tecnoveritas as well as a BOEM on-board cloud-based software monitorisation system. This will enable it to reduce emissions of oxides/dioxides and nitrogen by 80%.
Compagnie du Ponant led by Hervé Gastinal has to make the ships more ecological because within three years they will need to conform to IMO Tier III standards on shipping emissions; standards which aim to encourage the cruise ship industry to invest in environmental awareness measures.

Image: Tecnoveritas – RR