Mortgage repayments highest since 2009

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The monthly interest repayments on mortgages has reached its highest level since 2009 according to the National Statistics Institute INE.

In May the average monthly repayment stood at €352, up €11 on April. Of the total monthly amount repayable, €179 (51%) is interest while 49% is the capital repayment. By way of comparison, in May 2022 the interest on the average monthly mortgage repayment was 16% of the average total monthly repayment which was €260.
This trend is particularly evident for home loans with mortgages of €384 per month – interest payments also at their highest level since February, 2009. Of this amount, €198 (51%) is paid just for interest and €187 (49%) is the monthly pay down on the capital.
As for mortgages contracted over the past three months, the average mortgage repayment increased by €1 in May compared to April to €591 or €200 more than in the same month in 2022. In this case the interest made up the majority of the monthly repayment at €396 (67%) while the capital pay down per month was €195 (33%).
Overall, the implicit interest on mortgages increased in May to 3.398% – the highest value since June 2009, showing an increase of 28.8 base points on April. (3.11%)
On new contracts signed over the past three months, (since March), the interest rate has risen to 3.882% in May – the highest value since August 2012, an increase of 10.7 base points on April.