Suspensions of new LA licences approved

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The suspension of new Local Accommodation licenses in all areas of Portugal except the interior regions and islands has been passed by the Portuguese parliament.

The original proposal presented by the Government and the proposal from the ruling PS party to change some of the items in the draft law were also approved, but mostly by PS MPs.
Therefore “the issue of new registrations for Local Accommodation in terms of apartments and guest house establishments integrated into an independent fraction of a building, will be suspended across all national territory with the exception of interior territories”.
The alterations to the draft law which foresees the suspension of new registrations of local accommodation was approved by the MP members of the Housing Working Group who also decided that municipal councils should define in their respective Municipal Housing Charters “an adequate balance between available housing and student accommodation in their municipalities, that would permit the suspension period of LA registrations “without prejudicing the identification of rules and the limits to the use of housing fractions for Local Accommodation”.
This suspension, which does not apply to renting out properties within the Fundo Revive Natures or the autonomous regions (Madeira and the Azores) but “will include wholly or partially an area of a municipality where a lack of housing has been declared”.