TAP among 30 best airlines worldwide

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TAP has been voted among 30 of the best airline companies in the world by ranking Bounce.

TAP Portugal was placed ahead of British Airways, easyJet, Air Canada, Vueling Airlines, Ryanair and Wizz Air.
The airline, which is currently being privatised, came 27th out of 52 companies analysed. It got 3,53 points from a total of 10, among various key factors.
The Bounce ranking looked at factors such as arrivals on time, cancelled flights, onboard food, entertainment, seat comfort, staff service, baggage allowance, as well as the number of free kilos of baggage allowed on national and international flights.
TAP came in front of British Airways (3.25), easyJet (2.99), Air Canada (2.11), Vueling Airlines (1.96), Ryanair (1.63) and Wizz Air (1.31). However, it was behind airlines such as Emirates (5.16), KLM-Royal Dutch Airlines (5.12), Swiss Airlines (5.01), Iberia (4.34), Avianca (3.86), and Air France (3.73).
TAP Air Portugal achieved 60.63% of flights on time and a cancellation rate of 2.11%.
Japan Airlines came in 1st place with 8.2 points, Singapore in second with 7.63 points, and Qatar Airways in third place with 7.50 points out of 10.
The airlines that scored the worst were Indonesia’s Lion Air (0.61) and Wings Air (0.37).