Chinese cars take 2.5% market share

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Sales of Chinese cars and other vehicles are not making significant inroads in the Portuguese market with just a 2.5% market share according to the ACAP.

Nevertheless, the Secretary-General of the Automobile Association of Portugal (ACAP) says that this number could rise given that Beijing produces “en-masse” and Europe has been “losing its technological sovereignty”.
“Right now in Portugal Chinese electric car sales have a 2.5% share of the market. It’s still low but could, of course, increase”, said Helder Pedro talking to ECO online news.
He pointed out that the car market was “competitive” and that China was a “big producer” with “great technological innovation” and “considerable dominance over the electric car value chain”, particularly at the electric car batteries level since many of the required minerals are mined in China and Europe does not have.
At present, there are only three Chinese marks available in Portugal: MG, Aiways (36 sold to August) and BYD (118 sold). In the first half of 2023 17,074 electric cars were sold in Portugal compared to 18,028 in the whole of 2022, 13,389 in 2021, 7,872 in 2020, according to ACAP in 2020.