CTI delivers Lisbon airport report

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The Government has received the first report on Lisbon’s Humberto Delgado International Airport from the Independent Technical Commission (CTI) led by Rosário Partidário.

The study into the expansion of Lisbon’s airport capacity was handed to the government at the start of September and suggests measures to improve the facility.
According to Lusa, Rosário Partidário said that the CTI had undertaken the short-term evaluation of Lisbon airport and identified a series of measures and actions that could be taken to take the pressure off the over-capacitated infrastructure and improve its efficiency.
The CTI coordinator said that the report was very technical but declined to reveal the measures proposed, but did say that many of them had to do with management to try and relieve the “overload at the airport”.
The commission also delivered a second report with critical factors for a decision that establishes a strategic evaluation framework where “critical factors are defined”, the criteria and indicators to be used in evaluating the strategic options for choosing a solution.
This report, which began to be produced in May, took into consideration a pubic consultation period in which 230 comments were received of which 63% covered aspects that the CTI had not considered and have helped the commission in its work.
These included aeronautic security, accessibility, human health and environmental viability, connectivity, economic development, public investment and the model of financing.
On April 27, the Technical Commission announced nine possible options for a new airport, including five defined by the government – Portela + Alcochete, Portela + Pegões, Rio Frio + Poceirão and Pegões; Portela + Montijo; Montijo + Portela; Alcochete; Portela + Santarém; and Santarém.