Delta launches coffee from Azores

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Delta has launched the first Portuguese coffee entirely produced in the Azores.

It has been named ‘Impossible Coffee’ because “it is almost impossible to produce coffee in Europe but we have done it in the Azores”, said the company in a statement to the Lusa news agency.
Rui Miguel Nabeiro, the CEO of Delta Coffees said: “Europe, being one of the largest consumers, did not produce coffee and now it has become possible to produce coffee in Europe, particularly the Azores.
Impossible Coffee resulted from a partnership between the government of the Azores and the Association of Azorian Coffee Producers, which will be available in Delta’s ‘Coffee House Experience’ stores.
The coffee that will be produced in the Azores is a speciality coffee with a unique flavour and extremely high quality. It will not be produced in large volumes but the humid climate with frequent rainfall and warm, stable temperatures making the São Miguel island of the Azores the ideal place to grow coffee. Coffee is also grown to a lesser extent on the island of Terceira.