Portuguese demand more NIF receipts

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The Portuguese are demanding more invoices with tax numbers with 1.290 billion issued since January.

This is according to data available on the government portal e-Fatura (e-Invoice) that states that it represents a 6.5% increase on the same period on last year.
It also states that there are 800 million receipts that are eligible for IRS tax deduction. In total 1.298.3 billion receipts with tax numbers were issued to consumers by the end of September according to updated data published on Thursday.
This was 78 million more than in the first nine months of las year. Even so, the total number of invoices issued and communicated reached 4.549 billion with just 28% issued with a tax number.
As to receipts for tax deductible expenses these numbered 807 million. Around half of these invoices were in respect of health expenses. The second largest category was accommodation, hospitality and similar that accounted for 29% of the invoices issued.
This was followed by expenses in education, including school meals (11%) and gyms, public transport, and hairdressers. (2%)
Car repair and maintenance and vet services only accounted for 1% of invoices while there were 310,000 invoices for magazines and newspaper subscriptions.