Dielmar closes 2023 with a profit

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The Portuguese gentlemen’s apparel company Dielmar will close 2023 with a profit after years of losses which almost brought the company to the point of closure.

The company was bought for €275,000 in 2022 by Valérius after Dielmar, which is based in Castelo Branco, had made losses over a decade.
After filing for insolvency in 2021, the company’s turnover by the end of this year is expected to be close to €6 million – a result that the company had never managed to achieve between 2011 to 2021 according to an exclusive by online news source ECO.
“This is what we’re expecting, but the goal right now is for the company not to make a loss. Whenever we go into a new business (it focuses on recovering distressed businesses), our first goal is not to make money but to stabilise the patient”, Valérius president José Manuel Ferreira, told the news source ECO, and which has salvaged several failed companies over the past 15 years.
In 2007, two years after investing in two car component factories that he still owns (Inoveplastika) and Henfilgon (Painting and finishes), he was called on by the owner of Texamérica to save Valérius, which today works for large international fashion brands.
Since then, it has purchased various bankrupt textile companies such as Covidel, Lima Têxtil, Filobranca, Triumph (lingerie) and Delcon (Ricon), the latter of which held the brand Gant in Portugal.