Coloplast invests €100M in Portugal

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Coloplast, a Danish multinational which develops products and services related to intimate health, is to invest around €100 million in a factory in Portugal to support the company’s continued growth.

In a communiqué, the company said that the new factory would produce specialised urinary catheters for patients who suffer from urinary retention.
With the new factory, Coloplast says it hopes to “meet a growing global demand for intermittent catheters with an emphasis on Europe, which is the company’s main market, responsible for 60% of its sales”.
The exact location of the new factory has not been specified, but it will have an area of 30,000 square metres and will be operational from 2026.
“We have chosen Portugal as a destination for our next factory for several reasons: the most important is that Portugal has a qualified workforce at an attractive salary level, Portugal is part of Europe where we serve most of our users, and where more and more people will need our products in the coming years”, said the company’s vice-president of global operations, Allan Rasmussen.
Coloplast’s goal is to post an organic growth of 8-10% per annum that according to the company requires a new factory every two to three years to meet current growing demand.
Coloplast has factories in Hungary, China, and Costa Rica, and specialised production points in the US, France, Germany, Sweden, and Island, as well as an experimental innovation centre in Denmark.