TAP privatisation process could be put on hold

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The rules and regulations governing tenders for the privatisation of Portuguese State airline TAP could be postponed until the spring of next year due to the current political turmoil in Portugal because of the President of Portugal’s decision to dissolve parliament and call snap elections in March.

The airline groups interested in buying TAP; Air France-KLM,IAG, and Lufthansa; have not reacted to the crisis and are awaiting events to play out, according to business daily Negócios.
It was planned to advance with the privatisation process before the end of the year, but now it is not known if the privatisation will advance, when it will advance, and if it will do so under the same terms.
Contacted by the business daily Negócios, the airline groups have not responded to questions sent, namely about the sale process, and if they would still be interested if the sale is postponed.
Air France-KLM and IAG said they preferred not to make any comments, Lufthansa has not replied, and an official source said IAG preferred to “await the development of events”.
The government had planned to have the rules and regulations for the sale of at least 51% of TAP ready by the end of the year, and complete the sale process in the first half of 2024.