Portela could be phased out within 8-9 years

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Lisbon’s current international airport Humberto Delgado will likely remain operational for eight to nine years according to the Independent Technical Commission that is evaluating the various different sites for the new airport.

The existing airport could be deactivated when the second runway of the future new airport is operational, estimated to be within eight to nine years.
The Independent Technical Commission (CTI) responsible for the study into reinforcing airport capacity in the Lisbon region, estimates that this could take place after this period.
“When the second runway is operational, which could be at the end of eight or nine years, it is possible that the new airport will completely replace Humberto Delgado”, said the CTI study coordinator, Rosário Partidário.
In the case of the first runway costing an estimated €8Bn, this would be ready in six years if the Alcochete former armed forces shooting range site is chosen by the government.
During a presentation, the CTI coordinator said that Humberto Delgado should be “closed from an environmental and public health point of view, rather than because (the land) is a very valuable financial asset” ripe for redevelopment.
Dismantling Humberto Delgado and redeveloping just 14.7% of the area would have a positive impact for the State of €230 million, whereas letting it return to nature would have a negative impact for the State of €450 million.
A number of strategic site options are under analysis: Portela + Montijo, Montijo + Portela, Campo de Tiro de Alcochete, Portela + Campo de Tiro de Alcochete, Santarém, Portela + Santarém, Pegões, Portela + Pegões and Rio Frio + Poceirão.
However, the CTI is expected to suggest that the best solution in their opinion would be Alcochete and Portela until the deactivation of the old Lisbon airport.
The preliminary report will be presented on Wednesday (today) and will be made available for public consultation for 30 working days after which the final report will be produced and presented to the government.