Portuguese telecoms suppliers to hike prices in 2024

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Altice Portugal’s Meo, NOS and Vodafone are to increase their prices for consumers from February 1, 2024, according to news source ECO.

The telecommunication operators say they are increasing prices in line with inflation which they say will increase prices by around 4.6%. However, the telecoms watchdog ANACOM has called on the ‘big three’ to “moderate” the increases.
Meo, NOS, and Vodafone had already announced the price hikes in the coming year for consumers on their respective web sites, as foreseen in their contracts.
Meo, for example, will increase the monthly price of its packages in line with inflation registered in 2023 while it will increase its post-paid mobile services from January 1, 2024, by €000.50 plus VAT. Companies will also suffer similar increases.
The other two providers, Nos and Vodafone say that their charges and extra platform tariffs, which will rise from February 1, 2024, can be consulted on their websites from January 23, 2024, in the case of Nos and February 1, in the case of Vodafone.