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ORIA is a leading luxury real estate advisory in Portugal focused on finding and securing properties for private individuals, family offices and property investors. Part of their focus is providing a tailored approach to their clients. From bespoke property finders to rentals or property management, ORIA has been transforming the concept of high-end service in real estate and is now launching its concierge service.

“It’s not about meeting expectations, but exceeding them,” emphasises Joana Branquinho, the visionary CEO and Founder of ORIA Real Estate Advisory. Under her leadership and with the support of the Head of Rentals and Property Management, Ricardo Dias, the company has undergone significant expansion in this field, introducing a groundbreaking concierge service for real estate in the vibrant city of Lisbon. This commitment to surpassing traditional standards reflects ORIA’s dedication to redefining luxury real estate experiences for its esteemed clientele.

Its array of services meets all of the client’s needs on the arrival. From stocking the kitchen with favourite items to maintaining the property with the utmost care, ORIA meticulously tailors every detail and facet to every preference.



“At ORIA, our ultimate joy is guaranteeing our clients an unparalleled homecoming experience. Whether it’s an international family in the midst of relocation or someone eager to relish every moment in their holiday home from day one without the stress of arrival, we’ve got you covered. We are committed to making every moment in Portugal as seamless as possible,” she says.

With ORIA’s expansive network of dedicated professionals spanning diverse fields, they ensure comprehensive support that goes beyond the confines of their clients’ homes. The company’s commitment extends to providing exclusive access and integration into a community, bespoke events, private clubs, exclusive museum visits, cultural experiences, and access to the latest additions to the town’s finest dining establishments.

“Clients frequently express to us the need for assistance in discovering the best international schools, expanding their contacts – especially in the initial year of relocation –and orchestrating their arrivals each time they visit,” explains Inês Gardete, head of Concierge at ORIA.

“Recognising the time constraints of busy individuals, we aim to alleviate the stress of planning from a distance. Whether it’s ensuring your favorite wine awaits you at home, hiring a chef to cook for your friends, or handling all the necessary details for a smooth move, we aspire to be your right hand and advisor.”

Beyond the practicalities, ORIA’s clients appreciate the way it facilitates their integration into the community. With a clientele boasting rich backgrounds, diverse interests, and expansive networks, the company believes in creating moments of shared experiences and integration. “We see it as a missed opportunity to keep such richness exclusively to ourselves, and our goal is to foster a sense of belonging and connection for our clients,” she adds.

But it’s more than just a concierge service, says Inês Gardete. “This service expansion is our commitment to being a one-stop shop for all our clients’ needs in Portugal. We strive to seamlessly cater to every aspect, positioning ourselves as their indispensable right hand for contacts, knowledge and insights, enhancing their experience in the country. While we may not aspire to lead in transaction volume, our ambition is clear – to be the foremost leader in providing exceptional real estate-related services.”