CALB to invest €2Bn in Portugal

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The large Chinese batteries company CALB is to invest €2Bn and create €1,800 jobs by setting up a batteries factory in Sines.

When fully up and running the factory will be capable of producing 43 million cells per year with a daily output of 23,400 cells on each of its five production lines reports business daily Negócios.
The Portuguese Agency for the Environment is currently considering a licence for the project ‘Lithium Batteries Industrial Unit’ after an application from Aviation Lithium Battery Technology (CALAB) in Sines with a period of public consultation between January 19 and February 29.
In terms of annual battery production, around 187,000 will be made, each with a capacity of 15 gigawatt per hour.
In 2028 CALB expects to extend its premises in Sines which will allow a scaleup in production from 15 to 45 GWh. A future third phase could double capacity and put the factory on a similar production footing with Tesla in Europe.
According to the public consultation documents, the implantation area of the project covers 91 hectares in the Sines Logistics Industrial Zone (ZIL) managed by aicep Global Parques, and all told will house five interlinked buildings (45 hectares) for the production of electrodes, cells, assembly and a training centre.