Good Vibrations! Portuguese buying more sex toys

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The Portuguese are buying more sex toys with vibrators being the biggest sellers according to a study from KuantoKusta.

Demand for sex toys and other “bedroom” products grew by around 27% between January 7 and February 5 in comparison to the same period last year according to data collected by KuantoKusta that compares prices in the marketplace.

Apparently, the most sought after article for the third year running is the vibrator Stimulator Satisfyer Pro 2.

“In recent years we have observed a constant increase in demand for products related to sex, and in the run-up to Valentine’s Day interest in these products becomes more evident”, says André Duarte, commercial director for KuantoKusta.

According to data supplied by the company, the average consumer is spending more on these products: whereas last year in the lead-up to Valentine’s Day the average spend was €36.79, this year the spend jumped up to €42,18.

“These figures reflect not only a change in consumer patterns, but also a clear trend to value and acceptance that sexual wellbeing and satisfaction are important, while there is a corresponding fall in taboos surrounding sexual issues.

KuantoKusta points out the growing diversity of products and brands available in the market which had also significantly boosted demand”, concludes André Duarte.

KuantoKusta, founded in 2005, is one of the most influential e-commerce channels in Portugal and the number one in terms of price comparisons.

Image: Freepik