Rental platform highlights Portugal’s proactive stance in welcoming digital nomads

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The Public Policy Digest from rental platform Housing Anywhere shows that Portugal is particularly proactive in terms of welcoming digital nomads, namely through the creation of a nomad visa for this segment of the market.

The platform also highlights Portugal’s youth housing support programmes such as Porta 65, the limitation of the number of local tourist accommodation in urban areas with the goal of easing the problems caused by the lack of affordable housing in Portugal in the centres of Portuguese cities, close to universities or other places of education.
The report covers three aspects that the platform sees as fundamental to solve the problem of Portugal’s structural lack of housing offer: the lack of reactive and flexible regulations, the lack of a rounded approach to people’s lives, and the lack of cooperation between those who could potentially supply solutions.
Djordy Seelmann, CEO of HousingAnywhere, believes that innovations induced by technology have accelerated changes. However, the actual changes are often not reflected in political debates. Since they are not adapted to the changes in society’s needs, policies inadvertently end up reflecting an obsolete reality, thereby losing their main effectiveness and relevance.