Altri to increase paper paste prices in March

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The paper maker Altri has announced an increase in he price of paper paste starting in March.

The decision was made after the Brazilian paper company Suzano announced an US$ 80 per tonne on sales to Europe and the US, while in Asia the price increase was only US$ 30.
With this increase, the benchmark price per tonne of paper paste is now US$ 1,300 in Europe and US$ 1,490 in the United Staes.
Suzano, the largest producer in the world of eucalyptus paper paste or Bleached Eucalyptus Kraft Pulp (BEKP) has been increasing its prices in recent months, increases that have matched by Altri.
Suzano has announced in February that had increased its prices by US$ 80 per tonne on sales to Europe and the US and also hiked prices to Asia according to Fastmarkets RISI.
Suzano informed its customers of these increases justified on the grounds of lower inventories across the entire supply chain, especially in Europe; the crisis that is affecting transport via the Red Sea and the problems in the Panama Canal; and positive preliminary signs for demand in Asia after the Chinese New Year.
Apart from Altri, Navigator announced this week that it would increase the price of paper paste for the second time in four months. The company will increase the price of uncoated wood free paper (UWF) used for writing and printing paper by 5% from March 25.