Teixeira Duarte front runner for IP3 contract

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The Portuguese construction giant Teixeira Duarte is in the lead against Spanish rivals to carry out repair and resurfacing works in the IP3 motorway between Santa Comba Dão and Viseu in the north of Portugal.

Reports ECO online, an International public competition was launched to refurbish the road and despite Spanish competitors Ferrovial and Acciona presenting lower budgets for the work, the €118 million estimate from Teixeira Duarte in partnership with Gabriel Couto and Embeiral was given a better classification by the public company managing the roads, Infraestruturas de Portugal (IP).
This was the result of the preliminary analysis of the proposal evaluation on the 10 companies or consortiums that competed in the tender launched in July 2023 in an investment worth €130 million. The contract has not yet been awarded.
Ferrovial had put in a budget of €103.3 million (20.6% below that of Teixeira Duarte). Acciona, in a consortium with DST from Braga put in a budget of €109.2 million.
Spanish construction firm FCC in a consortium with Alberto Couto Alves (ACA) from Vila Nova de Famalicão, presented the third best budget at €114.99 million. This was followed by Minho construction company ABB – Alexandre Barbosa Borges.
One of the most expensive budgets put in came from Mota-Engil (€128.9 million), although Conduril based in Ermesinde presented the highest budget of all at €175 million. Work on the project should begin this year.