Lisbon Unicorn Factory has 8 new scaleups

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Eight new technology companies have been integrated the ‘Scaling Up’ programme at Lisbon Unicorn Factory.

They are, Dig-In, Get More Brain, Lovys, MeetGeek, Musiversal, MyCareforce and Paynest. Of these, half are International scaleups, involving a total of €49 million of investment.

In four editions of the programme, which aims to support companies in their growth process from Lisbon, 32 scaleups have been helped with around €245 million of investment.

“The Scaling Up programme has proved a success in supporting companies with a high potential for internationalisation in their growth phase. We are now beginning the fourth edition at the same time we’re closing the second edition with a very positive result meaning that the teams are very happy with the programme and specialists involved, the employment created and the greater amount of financing for projects participating in the programme”, says Gil Azevedo, CEO of Unicorn Factory Lisboa in a communiqué.

The new scaleups already have around €49 million of investment, bringing the amount of investment raised to €245 million by over 30 startups supported over the four years of the programme.

The star of the fourth programme coincides with the end of the second programme that supported Automaise, Didimo, Mediaprobe, MicroHarvest, Progrow, Rauva, sheerMe, and Splink.

Over eight months on the programme these startups raised their investment by 80% and job posts by 135, and signed various partnerships, an example of which was the partnership between Automaise with Sonae and Brisa. Others took the step to internationalise such as sheeMe and Splink both of which expanded to Brazil.