Foreigners represented 26% of consumer turnover in Portugal over Easter

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Over the Easter period, between 25-31 March, the total turnover of credit card transactions in Portugal from overseas cards represented 26% of total credit card transactions nationwide.

Spain and the United Kingdom represented the largest percentage turnover over Easter week, followed by the United States, Ireland, and Germany.
Madeira (47%), Faro (46%), Lisbon (27%), and Viana do Castelo (27%) were the regions in Portugal that saw the highest number of overseas credit card transactions according to REDUNIQ Insights.
It was the contribution of tourists from Spain (12%), the United Kingdom (12%), the US (11%), Ireland (11%), and Germany (8%) that most drove credit card sales in Portuguese businesses, data which Tiago Oom, Chief Commercial Officer at UNICRE and spokesperson for REDUNIQ Insights says is “very positive and reflects the growth curve in demand for Portugal as a holiday destination, a trend that has consolidated in recent years.”