Startup Portugal launches ‘Start Now, Cry Later’

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Startup Portugal has announced the launch of its latest programme ‘Start Now, Cry Later’, a programme that aims to involve Portuguese universities in the startup community and help students with promising and innovative ideas get advice from experts in the entrepreneurial ecosystem. 

This programme, which involves higher education institutions all over Portugal, aims to provide a unique opportunity for students and members of the community interested in discovering and getting involved in the entrepreneurial ecosystem.
The programme will begin on April 10 and will roadshow 12 academic institutions such as the University of Évora, the University of Beira Interior, the Polytechnic Institute of Cávado and Ave, among others.
‘Start Now, Cry Later’ will include masterclasses run by top figures in the world of business, including startup founders, investors, and local incubators, offering tools and knowhow so that students can discover the startup community.
The idea is to democratise access to entrepreneurialism and Startup Portugal hopes to inspire and provide a leg up to future entrepreneurs with innovative ideas.
Startup Portugal is a non-profit organisation, holding the Statute of Public Utility (conferred by Decree-Law 33/2019 of March 4), whose mission is the development of activities of public interest for the promotion of entrepreneurship, in close connection with public and private entities operating in the national entrepreneurship ecosystem.
It is closely associated with IAPMEI, a government entity that supports SMEs to growth, Portugal Ventures, a public venture capital company to assist promising startups, especially in the tourism sector, ANJE, an association that represents young Portuguese entrepreneurs, ANI, a national innovation agency that develops activities in support of technological and business innovation in Portugal, and CEiiA, a centre of engineering and product development that designs, implements and operates innovative products and systems.