Millennium BCP signs renewable energy contract with Greenvolt

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Portuguese high street bank Millennium bcp has signed a contract with the renewables Greenvolt group to be directly supplied with electrical energy derived from photovoltaic self-consumption projects developed by Greenvolt Communities.

The supply will cover its 400 branches up and down the length of the country, including in the Azores and Madeira.
Renewable energy companies like Greenvolt in Portugal and Iberdrola in Spain have brought a new way of consuming electrical power to local communities. Self-consumption electricity projects involving solar and wind energy have been on the increase because the technologies setups that make it possible are increasingly affordable and that there are now fewer administrative procedures.
Greenvolt, for example, currently has 120 self consumption energy projects up and running or in an implementation phase, with over 60 consumer bank points to be connected in the first implementation phase (12%) in total.
In a communiqué Greenvolt says that for now only Millennium bcp branches that are within “the legally permitted radius” will be supplied with clean electricity, while the rest will be supplied as new projects are created.
In 2020, the bank implemented a photovoltaic park with over 3,700 solar panels at Tagus Park in Oeiras. Following on from this, it is using 100% green energy at its offices in Portugal, both in central services and branches, using an energy mix produced by the Tagus Park solar park and certified renewable energy acquired on the market.