Topbrands launches in Poland and Angola

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The Portuguese company Topbrands, a company founded by João Saramago Tavares in 2018 as an international sourcing company, but which developed into a product development company producing own brands adapted to the seasons of the year, is to launch in Poland and Angola.

Topbrands establishes relationships with producers and buyers around the world with over five years in the non-food sector.

It impacts several million customers daily and has its products placed in over 2,000 stores. Its goal is to offer turnkey solutions which are adapted and customised for each type of client and situation.

Its portfolio includes products from recognised brands as well as its own brands. It also supplies and designs private label or exclusive solutions for its customers. All products are designed in alignment with the latest trends.

It also sources the best producers in the world, building bridges between production and the end consumer, and has 3,000 points-of-sale.

Topbrands expects to increase its turnover from €9.6 million in 2023 to €10 million in 2024. Topbrands’ catalogue has around 5,000 articles ranging from toys and party decorations, to home products, small domestic appliances, kitchen accessories, home textiles, and garden furniture which can be found in large stores in Portugal.