Indaqua to compete for low voltage electricity distribution concession

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Indaqua, which holds water concessions in Portugal, supplying over 800,000 consumers in 10 municipalities, particularly in the North of Portugal is to enter the competition for a concession from Portuguese municipal councils to distribute electricity to hundreds of thousands of homes nationwide.

The largest private water distribution operator in Portugal will be supported by the industrial consultant Areti, an Acea Group company which distributes 9.2TWh of electricity per year and is the second largest Italian operator serving 2.8 million inhabitants.

“After having recently expanded its water supply operations to Spain by acquiring a company in Palma de Maiorca, Indaqua now seeks to also expand its activity areas to the distribution of low voltage electricity”, states the company in a communiqué.

The low voltage distribution tender competition will begin on 31 July and continue to June 2025.

“These tenders represent a strategic moment for the country, namely for meeting the National Energy and Climate Plan 2030. The management of these concessions will require fundamental principles that are perfectly aligned with those that we have followed in our municipal water and sanitation concessions: sustainability, efficiency and quality of service to the population”, emphasises Pedro Perdigão, CEO of the Indaqua group.

Established in 1994, the Inadqua Group is a leading specialist in the management of water supply systems for human consumption and wastewater treatment, and one of the largest operators in the world of municipal concessions, serving over 800,000 people in Portugal.