Airport taxes at Lisbon and Porto to rise 

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Portugal’s state-owned airport operator ANA is to hike taxes at Lisbon and Porto by 1.63% and 1.01% respectively.

The rise in taxes, which will come into effect in November and December, is in response to an unexpected growth in passenger numbers.

According to the newspaper Jornal de Negócios, ANA justifies this increase on the “divergence regarding initially estimated traffic due to a higher growth in passenger numbers than expected.”

This year ANA expects to get 1.1 million more passengers than initial estimates bringing the total to €34.4 million at the capital’s already up-to-capacity airport. At Porto passenger numbers are expected to reach €11.6 million. 

At the start of this year airport taxes went up 18 cents per passenger at Lisbon, 17 cents at Porto and 25 cents at Faro meaning an increase of 1.87% for Lisbon and 2.32% for Porto.