Autoeuropa to up salaries 5.8% over next two years

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The directors of one of Portugal’s most important companies, Autoeuropa, has reached a pre-agreement with workers to increase their salaries 2.9% per year to 2020.

The company, owned by Volkswagen, has also agreed to provide full-time contracts for 300 workers.

According to Dinheiro Vivo and Jornal de Negócios staff at the car plant at Palmela, near Lisbon will also receive 100% of their salaries for each weekend day of production.

The agreement is not definite and will still have to be voted on by all Autoeuropa employees. The voting should take place between 5 and 9 November, taking into consideration that the factory will stop production this Saturday and will only continue production on 3 November, a stoppage which, according to Fausto Dionísio, Coordinator of the Workers Commission, is down to a “lack of engines.”

This weekend will be the fourth Autoeuropa stoppage this year (February, March, August and October) which put the company’s target to produce 240,000 units in 2018 at risk.

“Negotiations for the pre-agreement are closed and foresee the payment of a 100% bonus for Sundays, salary increases of 2.9% for each of the next two years and the transfer of 300 workers on renewable fixed-term contracts to full-time contracts” Fausto Dionísio told Negócios.