Portugal should have special corruption courts says OECD

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Corruption is still one of the main problems hampering Portugal’s economy according to an OECD report published this week.

The report’s chapter dedicated to Portugal’s justice system and its relationship with economic activity runs to 40 pages and among its recommendations is the setting up of a special court exclusively for corruption cases.

It also recommends an electronic declaration of interests register for all members of the government and public administration employees.

The overall conclusion on corruption is that by improving the judicial system the country will be able to better promote and improve economic activity.

This would include measures such as the creation of an independent supervisory authority to ensure the regulation of the legal profession and ensure that it serves the public interest.

In the banking sector there is “a need to reduce the share of non-performing loans which have declined since a peak in 2016 but remain high by OECD standards” says the report on the financial system.

It also notes that at around 120% of GDP, Portugal’s public debt is falling but is still among the highest in the OECD, limiting the country’s ability to respond to external shocks.

Reducing the debt will require ongoing fiscal consolidation and further measures to offset the rising costs of ageing, including optimising health spending and further reducing pathways to early retirement.