Elisa Ferreira tipped for ECB plum post?

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One of Portugal’s top economists and bankers, Elisa Ferreira is one of 10 candidates tipped by Bloomberg to land a top role at the European Central Bank.

The woman who is also a candidate to replace Carlos Costa as Governor of the Bank of Portugal – she is currently Vice Governor – could be a good choice for the EU financial institution.
According to Bloomberg, the probabilities of a major international financial institution in Europe appointing a first woman president could increase if governments in Euro Zone countries look around them at the talent available and Ferreira is in that talent pool.
“The vice-governor of the BdP has a PhD in economy from Reading University and spent a decade working at the European Parliament where she argued that the ECB should allocate greater powers into monitoring financial stability,” states Bloomberg.
And Bloomberg continues “She was considered a candidate to head the Euro Zone’s central bank but opted not to put herself forward when the position was open last year.”
The economist and former Euro MP was one of the front runners to head the ECB Banking Supervision but turned the post down on the grounds of professional and personal commitments (she was still half way through her BdP vice governor mandate).