SIL launches SIL Village and SIL Kids Club

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Portugal’s largest real estate investment fair, Salão Imobiliario de Portugal (SIL) is to launch SIL Village and SIL Kid’s Club at its 22nd four-day fair in Lisbon between 10-13 October.

As part of SIL Investment Pro, SIL Village will offer a premium space set aside for networking and conducting business in an informal environment, one that will be open during both lunch and dinner hours so that companies, partners, real estate groups, bankers, insurers, consultants and events organisers can get together.
Kid’s Club is another special space exclusively designed with kids in mind, where parents can drop of their kids in a spacial designated play area and go off an wander the aisles secure in the knowledge that their children are being looked after by minders who will also organise various play and educational activities for children aged between 3-12.
Another important innovation for this year’s SIL will be the way that time at the four-day event will be organised. The week days ( Thursday and Friday) will be set aside for business for exhibitors, developers, estate agents and other business sectors linked to the real estate market in Portugal.
The weekend (Saturday and Sunday) will be open to the general public and families while opening hours have been changed and extended. (Thursday and Sunday 11am to 8pm/Friday and Saturday 11am-10pm)
SIL will occupy two pavillions (2 and 3) while at the same time Living & Design by Intercasa will run in Pavilion 1 with over 20 architects in the Environments and Trends Space where suggestions on refurbishing and redecorating a new home will be presented.
This year SIL has also given its brand image a makeover with cleaner, sharper geometric lines and a confident bold red to reflect globalisation, digitalisation and the fact that Portugal’s real estate market is also focused on the future and new trends.
SIL 2019 is organised by the Portuguese Industrial Foundation Association – AIP and as a fair covers all segments of the sector, from developers, estate agents, banks, services, municipal councils and public entities as well as architectural, civil construction and refurbishment companies and areas from energy efficiency, retail, offices, trade and tourism.