Fort to be sold for development

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The Government is to allow investors to place tenders to develop a 14th century naval fortress at Caminha.

A 50-year concession will be up for grabs to run the Forte da Ínsua which was built under the orders of King João I in 1392.
Investors have until 6 November 2019 to make their tenders and submit their proposals on the back of the Revive programme.
It is likely the site will be developed for tourism with a luxury historic boutique hotel similar to ones managed by Pousadas de Portugal.
The star-shaped fort is located on an island – Ínsua de Santo Isidro – on the mouth of the River Minho close to the Spanish border and is only accessible by boat. Within it holds a former Franciscan convent which was extended over the centuries.
The site is supplied by its own fresh water well — one of only two known fresh water wells on an island of its size in the world.
The fort is one of 33 properties within the Revive portfolio — a join refurbishment and change-of-use programme run by the ministries of Culture, Finance and Economy in cooperation with local councils.
The aim of the Revive project is to renovate and redevelop various regions of the country by restoring local heritage sites and 12 of these properties are within Portugal’s interior.
This is the 18th tender to be launched as part of Revive with other tenders for concessions for the Lorvão Monastery in Penacova, and Vila Nova de Cerveira Castle.