Huambo opens first international office in Portugal

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The Angolan bank Banco Comercial do Huambo (BCH) has chosen Portugal to open up its first international office.

The bank has done so because it wants to leverage its relationships with its clients while at the same time broadening its business sphere overseas.
To achieve this objective, the Angolan bank has chosen Portugal’s second city Porto to open up its first office.
The premises will be in Rua Arquitecto Cassiano Barbosa and the office will have a social capital of 10Bn Kwanzas or €248 million. The bank will be headed by José Rui Campos Arnaud.
“This is the first representative office of the Banco Comercial do Huambo and marks the start of its internationalisation”, says Natalino Lavrador, Board president.
“With the dynamic global trade pattern which marks today’s world, this delegation office will allow us to improve our assistance to our business clients who have string commercial ties in Portugal and in Europe.
“It will also support our individual clients who are not resident in Angola and which make up the vast ex-pat community in Portugal and in Europe”, said the Board president of the Angolan bank.
BCH will also open its doors to companies and entrepreneurs who require support and guidance on operating a business and trading in Angola.”