US investment in Portugal skyrockets 109%

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US investment in Portugal has soared this year to 231 transactions — including mergers and acquisitions, venture capital, private equity and asset acquisitions — between January and August this year, +6.45% like-for-like on last year.

According to the Monthly M&A Report (TTR – Transactional Track Record), the values of 89 deals were published which topped €6.64Bn, up 32% on the like-for-like period of last year.
The real estate sector saw the most deals with 51 transactions, followed by technology with 39 operations and finance with 24 operations, with increases on the previous year of 2%, 22% and 14% respectively.
The report shows that the “announcements for the purchase and sale of shares that involved the acquisition of Portuguese companies by overseas entities based in the United States enjoyed an increase of 109%”.
In the first eight months of the year, 23 deals were announced with a registered value of €1.16Bn — a number that outstripped the total number of such acquisitions in 2018 which stood at 22.
“A recent example of this type of transaction is the acquisition made by Mobileum of a 100% share in the Portuguese company WeDo Technologies for €70 million”, states the report.
Eve so, Spanish investors were the most active in the market, with 30 acquisitions valued at €338 million, 10 of which were in the real estate market.
In total, overseas companies made 110 acquisitions in the national market, worth a total of €4.9Bn.
Portuguese companies, on the other hand, published 35 overseas company acquisition operations worth €1.06Bn.