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The Portuguese stock market company Euronext has relaunched a programme to prepare Portuguese companies to join the stock market.

The announcement was made ahead of the fifth edition of TechShare which involves the participation of seven technology companies based in Portugal which are participating in the fifth edition (2019-2020) including Celfinet, EVA, Polygon and WeTek.
Their reasons are all different, but there is a common aspect that unites them: the four of the seven startups which have made their names public are examining the possibility of an Initial Public Offer (IPO) in the next 18 to 36 months.
The president of Euronext Lisbon said that the companies made a concerted choice to join the programme.
Of the 23 Portuguese companies that were “enrolled” in the last four editions, none have so far formally pressed ahead with a request to join the stock market. The fifth might change that.
Currently the Euronext Group has 482 listed technology companies of which 314 are linked to telecommunications, Media and Communication Technologies, 106 Life Sciences and 62 CleanTech.