Investment appetite in Portugal remains strong

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Overseas real estate investors have over €7Bn available to buy commercial property in Portugal.

According to Negócios, investors also have close to €3Bn in assets to sell in the “near future” according to a study from the consultants Cushman & Wakefield released on Monday.
The survey quizzed 53 investors, including investment funds, “Family offices,” real estate managers and insurers about their intentions to invest in the national market and they responded their intentions to invest remain high.
In terms of commercial real estate, offices and student residences are still attractive assets, but the largest increase in demand is seen in logistics, residential for rent and the health sector.
The sectors above were the ones where investors thought activity would bounce back the fastest, within three months.
For the other sectors, investors forecast a slower recovery, particularly in the hotel and retail sectors.
The vast majority of those canvassed (83%) believe that the investment market will go back to pre-Covid activity and price levels in the next 18 months, estimating that falls in price will be most felt in retail and hotel sectors.
Half of the investors in the survey thought that the commercial real estate market recovery would take place within six months.